OS TEMPOS QUE CORREM. Miguel Vale de Almeida


Eu tinha apostado em "social-democrata", mas...

«You are a social liberal. Like all liberals, you believe in individual freedom as a central objective - but you believe that lack of economic opportunity, education, healthcare etc. can be just as damaging to liberty as can an oppressive state. As a result, social liberals are generally the most outspoken defenders of human rights and civil liberties, and combine this with support for a mixed economy, with an enabling state providing public services to ensure that people's social rights as well as their civil liberties are upheld.»

O resto ficou ordenado assim:

You are an ecologist or green.
You are a social democrat.
You are a classical socialist
You adhere to the Third Way.
You are an anarcho-communist
You are a market liberal.
You are a communist.
You are an anarcho-capitalist
You are a Christian democrat
You are a libertarian conservative
You are a fascist

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