OS TEMPOS QUE CORREM. Miguel Vale de Almeida


Despachos de Lisboa

Vale a pena ler as crónicas - os dispatches - do escritor Philip Graham, actualmente a viver em Lisboa. São em grande medida sobre a dita, mas não só.

«So I can't help myself—I wind up my mantra that this year will end up being an extraordinary experience for her, and Hannah can only stare at me: as far as she's concerned, the jury's still out on Portugal. I shut up and enjoy the ice cream, though I can't help silently wishing that my daughter's task were as easy as catching a bird on the wing, or a cloud across the moon.» (Dispatch 8: The Moon, Come to Earth)

mva | 12:11|
thanks for sharing. Gostei dos suculentos 'oos and ooshes, oishes and aows' do português...
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