OS TEMPOS QUE CORREM. Miguel Vale de Almeida


A Declaração de Bruxelas

«As the 50th anniversary of the creation of the European Union approaches, the principles and values on which modern Europe was founded are once again under threat. Recent events have thrown into sharp focus the divisions that exist between those who share our liberal, humanitarian values and those who seek to create a more authoritarian society, or would use our culture of tolerance to promote intolerance and undermine democracy. Unless we stand firm and defend our values now, fundamentalism and authoritarianism will once again ride roughshod over our rights. We offer this Vision for Europe to the people of Europe as a restatement of our common values, the liberal values of individual freedom, democracy and the rule of law on which modern European civilisation is based. They are not the values of a single culture or tradition but are our shared values, the values that enable Europeans of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions to live together in peace and harmony (...).» A declaração está aqui.

Esta é a resposta à "Declaração de Berlim" sobre Valores Europeus, que a Chanceler alemã está a propor, com apoio e inspiração do Vaticano, para apresentar nos 50 anos do Tratado de Roma.

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